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Product name

6m³ Asphalt Distributor Truck

Opeartion Mass
Static Linear Load
Centrifugal Force
Product Parameters

Bitumen Sprayer, Road Maintenance Equipment, Asphalt Restoration Machinery, Pothole Repairing Machine


HGY5123GLQ is an affordable and easily-operated product Gaoyuan has developed on the basis of our rich engineering experience and the research on the current road industry. The road maintenance machinery is designed for spraying asphalt of various types on broken roads, like emulsified bitumen, diluted asphalt, hot asphalt, modified bitumen, and adhesives.


Technical Parameters

Model: HGY5123GLQ.

Chassis model: M5G/ZZ1121G471GE1 from CNHTC.

Emission standards: Euro V.

Asphalt tank volume: 6000L.

Spray volume: 0.2-3.0kg/㎡.

Asphalt heating device: imported diesel burner (calorific value: 10×10⁴kcal/h).

Material: modified bitumen, hot asphalt, and emulsified asphalt.

Total weight: 12490kg.

Dimension: 8970×2486×3080mm (L×W×H).


Main Features

1.The special chassis we adopt features powerful carrying capacity, low oil consumption, and easy operation.

2.Hydraulic servo system featuring stable performance and strong driving force is employed.

3.The intelligent control system joins with a special controller to detect the condition of the truck automatically and precisely control the asphalt spraying volume. The bitumen sprayer comes with both annual and automatic operation system. Only one driver is needed to accomplish the distribution job.

4.Pipes for carrying bitumen are coated with heat transfer oil to ensure that all of the machine parts run smoothly and don't have to be cleaned.

5.The 3 anti-collision foldable sprinkler heads are of high precision and uniformity.

6.Different spray nozzles are controlled independently and can work jointly with each other freely.

7.The large-capacity tank of the asphalt sprayer is designed to preserve heat inner the cylinder and can rise its temperature in a short time. Sheets are packed outside the tank surface to protect it against corrosion and extent its life.

8.The imported burner equipped with automatic temperature control system ensures high combustion efficiency and stable performance.

9.The pump for high-viscosity asphalt meets various working conditions.

10.Hand held spray gun is available for dealing with dead angles and some special purposes.

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