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Product name

XE335C 34t excavator

Affiliate classification
Operating weight
Bucket Capacity
Product parameters
Product parameters

As a model featuring strong power, excellent energy saving, outstanding environmental protection and strong durability, etc., and especially suitable for earthwork engineering, mines, tunnels and other harsh construction environment,

The XE335C hydraulic excavator has adopted advanced design and manufacturing methods and the latest standards in accordance with the product design concept of“high efficiency, excellent energy saving and outstanding environmental protection”,

And the ultimate target of “powerful functions, wide scope of applications and creation of more value for customers”. Compared with the previous generation, the complete machine has had its oil consumption reduced by 12% and its efficiency increased by 8%.

The key components internationally sourced can offer outstanding product performance as well as an advanced and reliable control system;

its standard lengthened and widened heavy-duty chassis has massively adopted the structural members researched and manufactured based on the special technology and imported high-strength wear- resisting steel,

So that the product strength and service life could have been greatly improved to easily deal with all kinds of bad working conditions.


Model XE335C
Operating Weight 33800kg
Bucket Capacity 1.4m3
Engine Engine Model ISUZUAA-6HK1XQP
Type Direct injection,Four strokes,water cooling,Turbo charging,Air-to-Air cooling,
Quantity of cylinders 6
Output power 190.5Kw/2000rpm
Max torque/speed 872.8N.m/1700rpm
Displacement 7.79L
Performance Travel Speed 5.4/3.2km/h
Grade ability ≤35°
Ground Pressure 66kpa
Bucket Digging Force 263kN
Arm Digging Force 225kN
Max traction force 261kN
Hydraulic system Main pump Two plunger pumps
Relate Flow of main pump 2x280L/min
Pressure of main safety valve 34.3Mpa/37Mpa
Pressure of running system 34.3Mpa
Pressure of rotary system 26.5Mpa
Pressure of pilot system 3.9Mpa
Oil capacity Capacity of Fuel Tank 6300L
Capacity of hydraulic Tank 350L
Capacity of engine oil 28L
External seize Overall Length 11388mm
Overall Width 3190mm
Overall Height 3515mm
Turntable Width 2950mm
Track Length 4725mm
Total width of chassis 3190mm
Track Width 600mm
Center distance 3183mm
Track Gauge 2590mm
Counter Weight Ground Clearance 1170mm
Min.Ground Clearance 495mm
Min.Radius of gyration of tail end 3570mm
Track height 1105mm
Working scope Max.Digging Height 10074mm
Max.Dumping Height 6898mm
Max.Digging Depth 6972mm
Max.Digging Depth of 8 feet Horizontal Plane 6728mm
Max.Vertical Wall Digging Depth 5366mm
Max.Digging radius 10650mm
Min radius of gyration 4424mm
Standard configuration Length of swing arm 6400mm
Length of arm 2670mm
Bucket Capacity 1.4m3
Optional configuration Length of swing arm None
Length of arm 2900mm
Bucket Capacity 1.4m3 rock bucket,1.6m3 earth bucket


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