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Phone : 86-0379-64968653
Contact Person : Mr. Frank
Business Phone : +8618736312823
Viber : +8618736312823
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Product name

XZJ5250ZXXD5 Detachable Container Garbage Truck

Affiliate classification
Rated load
Kerb weight
Total weight
Product parameters
Product parameters

XZJ5250ZXXD5 Detachable Container Garbage Truck

1. The Company is one of national industrial standard drafters, making sure the technological advancement and the leading level. Besides, the Company is armed with an experienced R&D group and has lots of loading & unloading devices and extensive experience in automobile repacking and design. The product is beautiful, safe and reliable. The Company is the only enterprise with the qualification of loading and automobile repacking in China. Its quality is at atop-ranking level in China.

2. The structural style includes slide arm and swing arm. It is featured by flexible and stable operation. At the same time, it also reduces the height of motion curve.

3. The mode of spring self-reset is adopted for the (self-dumping) front lock. It is featured by simple, stable and reliable operation and high integration of action functions,reducing the probability of mis operation.

4. (Self-dumping) rear lock is adopted for the hydraulic tank, with a simple and reliable structure and strong universality. A stroke valve is added to the hydraulic pipeline, in order to limit the operation of sliding arm (swing arm), resulting in higher reliability of the product.

5. Internationally advanced 3Ddesign software Pro ENGINEER is used as the development tool of the product. In the parts design phase, we began to consider optimal design. We analyzed the stress of every part. The safety factor is higher than 1.5 for all structural parts. Meanwhile, Q690 high-strength steel plate is used for all key structural parts. Thus, the strength of our products can reach the design requirements. On this basis, the weight is also the lightest for our products, remarkably increasing the load capacity of the vehicle.

6. An idler wheel support is added to the auxiliary frame. When the tank is sliding on the supporting surface, the sliding rigid model of the tank and the supporting seat is changed into rolling friction, reducing the wear at the tank bottom, and improving the service life of the tank.

7. All oil cylinders are purchased from well-known domestic brands. All sealing rings are imported.Well-known domestic plunger hydraulic pump is selected. The working pressure is as high as 30MPa. It is featured by stable and reliable working, reducing the damage to the pump caused by pressure peak and guaranteeing the stability of the hydraulic system.

8. An electromagnetic balance overflow valve is added onto the main oil cylinder, so as to avoid accelerate dsliding under the dead load of the tank and the cantilever crane when the main arm takes back and is about to be put horizontally and to realize safe and stable operation. Moreover, it also avoids the impact between the tank and the upper part of drag arm hook as well as the damage to the automotive frame caused by tension of the main oil cylinder.

9. Macromolecularoil-containing nylon is adopted for the sliding block on the sliding arm, whose friction coefficient is lower than 50% of ordinary nylon. However, its abrasive resistance is 10 times of ordinary nylon, remarkably reducing the number of maintenance times caused by nylon wear.

10. All operations can be finished in the driving cab. It is simple and convenient. Besides, several detecting points are increased, resulting in interlocking of various actions and making sure the action safety and reliability.

11. Rear support under diversified structural styles can be allocated. It can be matched with more different chassis. Various structural styles are provided with a detector switch, so as to make sure effect working of the rear support and properly protect the cross beam at the chassis tail.

The vehicle model


Top model


Chassis model


Energy model

ISDe245 50

Emission standard


Total mess


Curb mess


Overall dimension


Rated payload






Hook to rear roller distance

5300 mm

The maximum inclination


Hooking time

≤60 s

Discharging time

≤60 s

Maximum pressure of hydraulic system


Operation manner

Pneumatic, electric, manual.

Hook capacity

20000 kg

Height of hook center

1570 mm

Swing slip.



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